No Place Like Home

YDT Studios’ No Place Like Home is a new dance film that will explore themes of class & stability through the relationship between a single mother & her son.

Capturing nuances in movement, No Place Like Home demonstrates the importance of family, how you can build a home even when you have little, and encourage audiences to question what is really needed to make a home.

YDT Studios has been creating dance film work for over 3 years and are focused on creating powerful dance films utilising industry-standard filmmaking practises placing dance as the primary storytelling tool.

With dance being a universal language, they aim to create big stories that can be enjoyed by dance-based and non dance-based audiences alike, accessed and enjoyed by anyone around the globe.

Building on the success from YDT Studios' last ACE-funded dance film project 'OMNI', they aim to continue developing their unique approach to dance film, in order to drive deeper engagement from their audiences.

Below is an episode extracted from OMNI.

Extract from OMNI: The Limited Series

Step into the world of "No Place Like Home," a refreshing and captivating journey by YDT Studios that seeks to continue breaking the boundaries of contemporary dance film.